8-Series Firmware 6.00

Download v6.00


  • Support for the SL-2 Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module. 
  • SuperSlot Receiver set-up screens for Audio Ltd A10-RX now display the following information for the paired A10-TX: 
    • High-Pass Filter
    • Record
    • Limiter
    • Input Mute
    • RF Overload
  • RF History display in SL-2 and SL-6 SuperSlot Receiver Setup screens. Shows RF History with user-selectable duration from 30 to 600 seconds in increments of 10 seconds. 
  • Files can now be selected for playback from the File List. 


  • Faster boot times for the XL-AES.
  • Scorpio and 888 now honor Dante Device Sync to External from Dante Controller.
  • Post-fade EQ can now be applied to channels assigned to an instance of NoiseAssist.
  • Headphone gain can now be adjusted while in File Transfer mode. 
  • CL-12 and CL-16 SuperSlot button now navigates to the SuperSlot Overview screen. 


  • User button functions with long names are now displayed correctly within the buttons on the CL-16 screen.
  • Shortcut for numeric scene name increment no longer removes zero place holders. 
  • CL-16 no longer treats buses L and R as a linked pair when they are unlinked in the menus.