8-Series Firmware 6.10

Download v6.10


  • Support for P.I. Engineering’s X-keys® Programmable Keypads, Sticks & Keyboards.
    X-keys products are programmable via P.I. Engineering software to any standard USB keyboard functions. When mapped to the same keyboard functions as the 8-Series’s USB keyboard shortcuts, these compact control surfaces can offer quick, tactile control of functions. Functions include Record, Stop, Play, and many more.


  • Faster boot up and power down.
  • Faster navigation of RF scan plots. 
  • Faster firmware update process.
  • Faster media formatting.
  • Faster load of user and factory settings. 
  • Improved CL-16 fader latency and performance.
  • Improved third-party controller fader latency and performance. 
  • Slate Mic gain range expanded to  -10 to 20 dB.


  • Red Meter and Menu button LEDs no longer remain on after boot up. 
  • False critical power popup messages no longer appear on boot up. 
  • Power icon is no longer missing from the home screen after boot up. 
  • USB keyboard shortcuts for Control + Select knob press and rotate now function properly.
  • AES42 inputs 5 and 6 can now both be routed simultaneously to channels on the Scorpio.
  • 888 and Scorpio no longer become unresponsive when the meter peak hold time is set to off.