8-Series Firmware 7.00

Download v7.00


  • SuperSlot support for the Wisycom MCR54.
    Use the 8-Series interface to set frequency, start and view RF Scans, view RF history, edit parameters and menu items, and more.
    SL-2 supports up to four channels of audio per slot for a total of eight wireless audio inputs. SL-6 supports up to two channels per slot for a total of six wireless audio inputs. 
  • Support for SD-Remote v7.00 which includes new 16 channel meter views, new channel screen views, and remote control of faders, trim, pan, and file transfer mode. 
  • Compressors are now available on all busses and all channels pre- or post-fade. Independent compressor settings available on all channels and busses:
    • Channel Compressors: Off, Pre-fade, Post-fade (Off = default)
    • Bus Compressors: On or Off (Off = default)
    • Threshold: 0 to -40 dBFS in 1 dB steps (-20 dBFS = default)
    • Ratio: 20:1 to 1:1 in 0.1 steps (2:1 = default)
    • Knee: Soft or Hard (Hard = default)
    • Attack: 1 to 200 ms in 1 ms steps (10 ms = default)
    • Release: 50 to 200 ms in 1 ms steps, 200 to 1000 ms in 10 ms steps (100 ms = default)
  • Scorpio channels 17-32 can now receive audio from any input source.
  • Scorpio channels 17-32 now have trim gain and adjustable high pass filters.
  • Scorpio channels 1-16 can now receive audio from any Dante channel 1-32.
  • New Timecode Display Mode has options to display big Timecode or A-Time.
  • Limiter settings (threshold, ratio, knee, attack, release) are now available for global channel limiters and global bus limiters.
  • Q-marks (also known as cue markers) for identifying specific positions of BWF recordings. During playback Q-marks can be quickly navigated to using fast forward and rewind keys.
  • New * and ** shortcuts allow Select and HP knobs to adjust trim and/or fader gains of channels 7 and 8 on 833, channels 9 and 10 on 888, or channels 13 and 14 on Scorpio. 
  • Additional USB Keyboard Shortcuts 
    • Numeric Keys act as PFL toggles for channels 1-10.
    • Ctrl + Numeric Keys act as PFL toggles for channels 11-16.
    • F5-F10 act as front panel toggle switches.
  • Additional SL-2 Antenna Filter option for 1240-1260 MHz when using a Wisycom MCR54 Japan ‘B3’ model.
  • Lectrosonics SRb and SRc NU Hybrid mode now selectable in SuperSlot Rx screen menus. 
  • Lectrosonics SRc Locale settings are now selectable in SuperSlot Rx screen menus. 
  • Create Sound Report and Record Folder Screen are now shortcut options for mapping and toggle switch actions.
  • New Soft Fader/Trim Pickup menu prevents sudden jumps in gain levels when setting gains from more than one control interface such as the front panel, a connected control surface, or SD-Remote. Physical faders/trims pickup gain control ONLY when their physical position reaches the current gain setting. Soft Pickup mode can be turned on and off in Menu>Controllers>Soft Fader/Trim Pickup. This feature is disabled by default.
  • New SL-2 Antenna LED menu with options On or Off. When On, the LED illuminates when RF signal is overloaded and audio dropouts may occur. When Off, the LED is turned off. 
  • NoiseAssist Plugin Demo Mode. Allows access to the NoiseAssist plugin for demo purposes. In demo mode, a periodic beep will interrupt tracks and outputs. Note: The demo mode is disabled when the 8-series is powered down. To purchase a license for NoiseAssist, visit store.sounddevices.com.


  • SL-2-AES, XL-AES, AES3, Dante, and USB inputs trim gain range extended to inf, -20 to +50 dB.
  • Sound Report file name format is now MMDDYY_[RecFolderName][Media].csv for easier identification. 
  • Characters “I” and “O” are now skipped when performing a Scene Increment.
  • USB Keyboard now repeats after one second of holding. 
  • When trim gain is turned down to -inf on a virtual channel, the channel is no longer turned off. Virtual channels must be turned off from the input source screen. This prevents the channel disarming when turning the trim down. Applies to CL-16, all controllers, and 8-Series.
  • File size is now displayed in gigabytes (GB) using three digits. 
  • New Dante Source selection user interface in Input Selection screen.  
  • Files Menu reordered to place USB File Transfer at the end to prevent unintentional entry. 


  • Current Take metadata edits made from the 8-Series Take List are now displayed properly in SD-Remote.
  • Various user interface improvements in the Audio Ltd A10-RX SuperSlot Rx screens.
  • 8-Series is no longer unresponsive when booting up with only one Wisycom MCR42 slotted into the SL-2. 
  • Static noise is no longer present when SL-2 sources are routed to channels with no receivers slotted in or all slots powered down. 
  • Frequency changes of the Lectrosonics SR from the 8-Series user interface are now always properly saved. 
  • Lectrosonics SRb and SRc firmware version is now properly displayed in the SuperSlot Rx screens. 
  • CL-16 PFLs now properly cancel when exiting a fat channel with no Input Source selected. 
  • CL-16 now shows correct track arm status after exiting File Transfer mode. 
  • Sudden short burst of loud audio is no longer present when adjusting Bus Send levels from Off to -40 dB. 
  • Intermittent static on Dante audio channels after changing sampling rates no longer occurs. 
  • Incorrect popup message no longer displays when attempting to playback an AAC file. 
  • Controllers>Display Ch.Fader Gains>Off option now applies to the CL-16.
  • Headphone Encoder now properly selects a preset after PFLing a channel when mode is set to Preset/Vol.
  • 833 XLR inputs 5 and 6 are now properly sent to MixAssist post-fade. 
  • Recordings of the internal tone generator are no longer played back 10 dB louder. 
  • Slate mic metering is now displayed correctly in the SL-2 screen.
  • “CL-16 power problem detected. Please check power source.” message is no longer inaccurately displayed after restoring factory defaults with the CL-16 connected. 
  • 8-Series now properly handles a connected CL-16 losing power. 
  • 8-Series no longer goes unresponsive when the SL-6 slot power is turned off. 

Known Issues

  • If 8-Series firmware is updated from v6.10 to v7.00 with a Wisycom MCR54 in an SL-2 or SL-6 slot,  the MCR54 may not be recognized as a SuperSlot receiver the first time after the update. Power cycle the 8-Series to allow the MCR54 to be correctly recognized.
  • Gain slider position and gain values in SD-Remote occasionally lag when dragging, especially with linked or grouped channels.
  • When switching between SD-Remote Meter tabs, the new Meter tab may take up to a second to refresh.
  • Issue with MCR54 calibration tone. This is an MCR54 bug and will be addressed by Wisycom.