8-Series Firmware 8.01

Download v8.01


  • Pausing upload or disconnecting from Frame.io while an upload is in progress now presents the option to disconnect/pause immediately or after the current uploading file completes. 


  • Entering the Take List with a large amount of takes after power on no longer temporarily freezes the unit for several seconds. 
  • Rare events where the 8-Series could go unresponsive when connected to Frame.io no longer occur.
  • Scorpio and 888 Take List no longer show the Frame.io Upload Drive as orange, indicating it is queued for upload to Frame.io, without being connected to Frame.io. 
  • Improvements to popup messages related to Frame.io. 
  • Switching channel source from AES3 to AES42 now correctly applies the 10 V of digital phantom power. 
  • Meter view LR, 1-3 (Horizontal) now correctly displays MixAssist indication on the 888.
  • The following meter views now correctly show LR output metering instead of bus metering.
    • LR Out,B1-4,X1-4
    • LR Out,B1-4,X1-4(Horizontal)
  • Take List no longer omits the record drives for previous takes if that drive is no longer available or setup to record.
  • CL-16 user buttons mapped to the HP Presets menu no longer enter the Take List.