8-Series Firmware 9.00

Download v9.00

Release: Oct 5 

Note: To ensure correct performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.  


  • Support for new SD-Remote features inc. bus/output metering, control, and routing. 
  • Support for the Waves FIT 16-channel controller  
  • Main Fader functionality is now supported for controllers equipped with them.  
  • Support for Com Send 2 on the 888  
  • Support for Behringer X-Touch Channel Metering  
  • Added LR, Returns meter view for the 833  
  • Added MS Spread Control option in the Channel Setup menu for allowing the 8-series front panel even channel trim pot to control the MS Spread for MS linked channels. 
  • Add support for mapping channels 9-12 to a second controller when using the 833 +4 plugin.  
  • New Spill and Individual modes for multiple controller configurations. 


  • The following functions have moved into the new Third-Party Controller menu: 
  • Require Shift For Arm 
  • Require Shift for Mute 
  • Solo follows Select 
  • Channel source can now be changed while recording.  
  • “Erase/Format SSD” menu name changed to “Erase/Format Internal SSD” to make it more obvious when formatting the internal drive.  
  • Added extra popup during the internal SSD formatting process to reduce likelihood of accidentally formatting the internal drive.   
  • The Phrase List is now enabled in the SD card Volume Label virtual keyboard screen for quick custom naming of SD cards.  
  • Unlinking MS or Stereo pairs sets odd and even channel pans back to center.  


  • Output mute status is now displayed correctly after a record, stop, or play output auto-mute. 
  • 8-Series no longer goes unresponsive when “Read” is pressed on Icon M+ or the XTouch.   
  • In EQ Mode, VPot 2 now toggles between Off, Pre, Post. 
  • EQ Mode Q value now updates from an ICON controller. 
  • While viewing the FAT Channel, the controller VPots now toggle channel routing from Off, Pre-fade, Post-fade, and Send.   
  • Front panel trims and faders no longer go unresponsive with soft trim /fader pickup enabled.  
  • The controller ‘Learn’ function is no longer unresponsive while in record mode.  
  • The XTouch footswitch can now be mapped to control 8-Series functions.  
  • Inability to access SuperSlot Receiver Setup Screens from Receiver Overview after receiver boots up, no longer occur. 
  • Transmitter parameters (name, model etc.) are now detected correctly by an A10-RX/A20-RX after an RF Scan.   
  • ** + Select and ** + HP Toggle Switch Actions for fader control now work with the CL-12.  
  • Fixed condition where the CL-16 would lock up when 8-series was set to VU meter ballistics with no peak hold.  
  • Fixed issue that prevented the ability to adjust output gain down to -inf with the CL-12  
  • Improvements to prevent a rare issue where settings could inadvertently reset to factory defaults after a power cycle.