8-Series Firmware v3.20

Download Firmware v3.20


  • Bluetooth connectivity for SD-Remote Android v3.20 application. 
  • New menu for turning Bluetooth on or off. Menu>System>Bluetooth>Bluetooth Enable. 
  • New menus for Bluetooth security. Menu>System>Bluetooth>Set Password and Clear Password.  


  • Rare occurrences where L-Mount battery status was not properly updated have been eliminated. 
  • Rare 888 critical power error message with odd meter and LED activity has been eliminated.
  • File copy process no longer gets stuck when copying RF64 WAV files.
  • 888 now shows the correct Dante device name as SD-888.
  • 888 now correctly links X7 and X8 by default. 
  • A10-RX US SuperSlot menu no longer allows scrolling beyond the maximum allowed subchannel.
  • Scorpio no longer displays inaccurate routing of XL-AES to channels 17-32. 
  • Timecode offsets from system time when loading a setup file with Timecode Mode set to Time of Day (24 hour) no longer occurs.