8-Series Firmware v8.11

Download v8.11

Note: It is required to run SD-Remote v8.11 with 8-Series firmware v8.11.


  • Daily Folder prompts now appear immediately after boot up or after midnight when a recording is stopped.
    • If New is selected, all following takes are sent to the new daily folder.
    • If previous is selected, all following takes are sent to the previous day’s folder.
  • Playback mode now uses the selected Sync Reference setting.


  • 8-Series no longer becomes unresponsive due to loss of Bluetooth connection.
  • Significant improvements to SD-Remote Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 8-Series no longer becomes unresponsive when using the Rename function while recording to edit only the last character before the take separator.
  • Deleting a folder no longer produces an incorrect popup warning message “The Record Folder will be permanently deleted.” 
  • Rare events where SD2 Card is formatted with the incorrect drive name no longer occur. 
  • The FAV switch now returns to the previously selected headphone preset following a record or playback event with the favorite headphone preset active. 
  • Pressing the Headphone knob while listening to a RTN now activates the previously selected Headphone Preset instead of Preset 12.