8-Series Firmware v8.60

Download v8.60

Known Issue: a Scorpio running v8.60 firmware shows as only having 16 receiver channels in the Dante Controller application. If Dante receiver channels 17-32 are required, please use firmware v8.61 or above.

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.


  • Updated Frame.io menu now showing Internet status. (Scorpio and 888 only)
  • Dante firmware updated to (Scorpio and 888 only)


  • Confirmation popup now appears when changing Track Arm status in the Channel screen to prevent accidental arming or disarming of tracks. 
  • Lightened the shade of green used in the various routing menus to make it easier for those with color deficiencies to discern between Pre, Post, and Send selections.
  • A20-Mini Timecode Jam is now allowed while the transmitter is recording. 
  • User Interface changes in the Shure ADX5D receiver screens to prevent intermediate frequency deployment to the receiver when editing Frequency, Group, and Channel.


  • Various improvements to Frame.io connection and reliability. (Scorpio and 888 only)
  • Intermittent issue where ‘Power Cycle’ and ‘Enter User Code’ popups would appear when using Frame.io no longer occur. (Scorpio and 888 only)
  • Rare events where Dugan Automixer and MixAssist indicators get stuck in position upon boot up no longer occur.