8-Series Firmware v8.80

Download v8.80

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote. 


  • 833 support for the optional +4 Plugin. Adds four fully featured ISO channels/record tracks, turning your 833 into a 12 channel, 16 track mixer-recorder. Purchase the plugin at store.sounddevices.com.
  • 833 support of the CL-16.
  • Support for SD-Remote Power Source icon.
  • Channel Copy for Scorpio channels 17-32. 


  • SL-2 RF Overload LEDs now turn red when approaching the RF overload threshold of the SL-2. The LEDs turn yellow when approaching the overload threshold of digital wireless systems, such as the Audio Ltd A10-RX and Shure ADX5D.
  • Media remaining space now includes Track to Media routing in the displayed calculation. 
  • Updated wording of SuperSlot Receiver screens for Lectrosonics SRb  and SRc menu items to be consistent with Lectrosonics. 
  • Added LB-50 and LB-50 (Timer) options for SuperSlot Receiver screens for Lectrosonics SRc Tx Battery Type options menu. 


  • Intermittent upload errors of large files to Frame.io no longer occur. (Scorpio and 888 only)
  • Improved track arm status and notifications in relation to Track to Media routing and media availability.
  • Incorrect metering of 888’s X1-X8 on CL-16 no longer occurs. 
  • Stop button no longer reverts to a previously selected meter view. 
  • Take number now increments correctly when recording to a new Daily Folder with the Take Reset Mode set to Never. 
  • Bus names are now always displayed in the CL-16 Fat Channel view.