8-Series Firmware v8.90

Download v8.90

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.  


  • New Q-meter in the A10-RX SuperSlot screens. 
  • New Modulation menu in the A10-RX SuperSlot screen.  
  • New RF History Levels menu in the A10-RX SuperSlot Rx screen. Allows RF History to be displayed according to RSSI or Quality levels.  RF History is displayed in green when set to RSSI and purple when set to Quality. 
  • Firmware version number is now displayed in the splash screen while the 8-Series is powering on. 
  • Support for Wisycom MCR54 v1.22 changes to Scan Group. After performing an RF Group Scan, the Select Group Frequency menu now presents an option to auto-assign the top four frequencies to the MCR54 receiver channels (four channels with SL-2, two channels with SL-6). 
  • Use Wireless Names feature now supports the Wisycom MCR54 and MCR42 receiver channel names. This allows the receiver’s channel name to be automatically applied to the associated 8-Series track name. 


  • False Takes are now allowed after metadata edits. 
  • SuperSlot Receiver screens now display Quality or Link Margin meters in purple. 
  • Increased protection against MacOS, iPadOS and iOS processes that can result in file corruption when 8-Series is connected as a mass storage device. 
  • The File List information screen now displays “Invalid” in the extremely rare event a file cannot be read properly. 


  • Improved file and folder copying. 
  • Improved file and folder error handling. 
  • 29.97 DF time stamps are now handled correctly.   
  • SL-2 and SL-6 no longer intermittently configure SuperSlot receivers for analog output when all inserted receivers are capable of outputting digital audio.  
  • CL-16 now displays bus names in the fat channel after making routing changes.  
  • All user-assigned toggle switch actions now perform as expected on Scorpio.  
  • Various Wisycom MCR54 SuperSlot Rx screen issues have been fixed, including: 
  • All valid groups with assigned frequencies are now properly loaded.  
  • “Scanning Group Frequencies” popup message now consistently auto clears. 
  • RF Group Scan no longer intermittently reverts to previously set frequency.  
  • Improperly wired cables connected to the 8-Series timecode input no longer cause sluggish or unresponsive behavior.