8-Series Firmware v8.92

Download v8.92

8-Series v8.92 fixes an issue from v8.91 that affected analog inputs 5 and 6 in some 833s. If you downloaded v8.91, please install v8.92.

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.  


  • SuperSlot support for the Sound Devices A20-RX. 
  • New SL-2 Filter options to support the frequency range of the Sound Devices A20-RX.
  • Added Current Take Notes options to * and ** Toggle Switch Actions. In stop mode, the Current Take Notes toggle switch action will edit the take notes for the last take recorded. 
  • SD-Remote now approved to run on an Apple Mac M1, MacOS 12 and higher. Make sure to set Touch Alternatives in the SD-Remote Preferences menu to On. 


  • Channels selected in the Automixer menu can now be unrouted from Bus LR or routed pre-fade to Bus LR. Automix still only affects channels routed post-fader. 


  • Distortion no longer occurs when both Dugan and limiters are active on a channel with high input levels.
  • Channels with noise suppression that are turned on after powering on the unit are no longer excluded from the LR mix.
  • Rare automixing bug where incorrect metering levels are displayed after power up, no longer occurs.
  • Green MixAssist indicator not always clearing when using CL-16/CL-12, no longer occurs.
  • LR MS Stereo HP preset no longer causes channel PFL to only be output from the left side of headphones.
  • Media that still shows as full after files are deleted no longer occurs.
  • Increased status update intervals while viewing the Audio Ltd A10-RX SuperSlot Receiver screen.
  • Added filter options for all models of Wisycom LFA smart antenna and BFA smart filter
  • SL-2/Wisycom rolling frequency errors after power-cycling a slot no longer occur.
  • SuperSlot Receiver Overview screen showing RSSI instead of Q-meter after powering up no longer occurs.