8-Series v5.00

Download Firmware v5.00


  • Introducing NoiseAssist, an optional paid plugin for up to two instances of adaptive ambient noise suppression. NoiseAssist is an advanced signal processing algorithm that reduces background noises such as traffic, generators, HVAC noise, and more. It features a simple user interface with only one adjustment, the amount of background noise to suppress. The plugin is available now at store.sounddevices.com for an introductory price of $600. 
  • Support for the Sonosax SX-LC8+ Control Surface. 
  • CL-16’s Scene, Take, and Notes buttons now enter edit pages for any previous take’s metadata, not just the current and next takes. In stop, use Rew and Fwd to select the take for editing.


  • Toggling between armed and unarmed on the CL-12 no longer requires a double-press. 
  • Improved speed at which a SuperSlot receiver’s frequency can be changed from the 8-Series SuperSlot menus.
  • Scene name changes made while recording are no longer lost after circling the take. 
  • Rare instances where the 8-Series mixer-recorder becomes unresponsive after toggling pre- and post- routing with MS linking enabled no longer occur. 

Known Issue

  • Post-fade EQ is not available on an ISO channel running an instance of NoiseAssist.