8-Series v9.20 Firmware

Download v9.20

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.  


  • Added auto-resume file upload capability. Now if the connection to frame.io is lost while a file is uploading, when the connection is automatically re-established, the file will continue to upload from where it left off rather than starting again. This saves time and prevents duplicate file entries in frame.io 
  • Support for 4 channels of digital audio per slot from the Lectrosonics DSR4 to 8-series via SL-2. Note: Superslot control not supported in this firmware release. 
  • Added option to gray out meters for CL-16 disarmed ISO and Bus tracks. 
  • Support for the SL-MixFace controller. 


  • Solo Follows Select On/Off now affects CL-16 as well as 3rd Party MCU controllers. 


  • Output delay is now applied to both A1 and A2 outputs of Scorpio’s 10-pin A Output. 
  • CL-16 menu button no longer stays illuminated after using it in conjunction with pressing knobs for muting channels, buses, and outputs. 
  • Add fixes to support new Waves Fit hardware and firmware v2.03. 
  • Fixed rare issue where slot receivers would not power up in an SL-2. 
  • Channel 1 and 3 labels are now centered on the LR,1-3 horizontal meter screen. 
  • Eliminated a rare lockup that could result from playing back monophonic files. 
  • Occasional loud pops on headphones when powering on or off have been eliminated. 
  • Virtual channel trim and fader values are now saved on power down.