8-Series v9.30 Firmware

Download Firmware v9.30

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.

  • Lectrosonics DSR4 full SuperSlot control via SL-2. Ensure the DSR4 is running v1.09 firmware or higher.
  • Added Mute/Arm Grouping allowing mutes and arms to be independently grouped from trim and fader control. Select in the Channel setup>Channel Grouping menu. 
  • New System>Headphone Volume Lock menu allowing users to lock/unlock the headphone volume control. 
  • Default CL-16 U4 button changed to AutoMixer 
  • To prevent a lockup, the Controllers > Mapping menu now ignores the ‘Fav’/Reset toggle when bringing up the popup list to change the mapped button’s action. 
  • Full SD Cards no longer show as “>99h” remaining in the File List. 
  • The CL-16 Scene Increment Button no longer stays incorrectly illuminated. 
  • The CL-16 Bus Sends on Faders mode middle row encoders now adjust send level for channels 17-32. 
  • All CL-16 Bus Mute Indicators now persist when exiting then re-entering Bus Mode. 
  • BWF files are no longer intermittently being recorded as RF64 files.