8-Series v9.50

Download v9.50


  • Added Channel Name Manager for quick channel naming. In a Channel Screen, hold PFL for > 1sec to enter the naming window, then select Name. 
  • Added Stop Hold Time option in the Record/Play menu. Determines how long Stop must be held before the stop command is actioned in record or playback mode. 
  • Added support for the A20-TX/A20-RX VHF bands via SL-2.
  • Enabled the SL-2’s 169-235 MHz (VHF) filter band option. 
  • Added Superslot support for the Lectrosonics DSR receiver and support for the new AES backplate for the Lectrosonics SRc. 
  • Added Unislot Audio Mode in the SL-2 Options menu. Enables the manual selection of analog or digital audio output from a Unislot slot receiver. This allows for receivers that support digital audio but that are not supported in ‘SuperSlot’ mode. 


  • Added audio muting when running a DSR4 RF scan via the SL-2. 
  • Changed ‘Jam A20-Mini’ wording to ‘Jam A20 Transmitter’ in the Timecode menu. 
  • Removed “Analog Audio Select” menu from the MCR54 ‘Options’ menu on the 8-Series when MCR54 firmware v2.3.0 or later is detected as this is no longer supported by the receiver. 


  • Setting DSR4 Block 470 vs 19 via SL-2 now works correctly. 
  • Eliminated static noise when starting RF Scan on Lectrosonics DSR4. 
  • SL-2 AES 3&4 inputs now pass audio when no slots are filled. 
  • Rare condition where the ‘Problem with SSD during play’ warning would be displayed during playback, no longer occurs.  
  • The audio output selection and compander menu issues that were introduced with MCR54 FW update v2.3.0 are now resolved. 
  • MCR54 group scan issue where the first frequency on the group scan page had a wrong dBuV value of ‘–’ is now fixed. 
  • MS Link routing to Buses LR not restored properly after setting factory defaults. 
  • Incrementing Scene from ‘65535’ no longer resets Scene to ‘00000’. 
  • Output Mute indicator does not show mute status correctly after unlinking. 
  • With MCU Controllers, mapping Next Take Scene Name would incorrectly bring up Current Take Scene Name. 
  • Output AutoMutes could get out of sync when 8-series mute was toggled off then on. 
  • Disappearing Automix LCD indicators no longer happen. 
  • Occasional state where editing Scene Name did not reset the Take Number to 01 is now fixed. 
  • Scene Name changes to recorded takes not being applied is now fixed.