A-15PIN Installation

The A-15PIN is an A10-RX accessory allowing for direct connection with a range of Sony professional camcorders. The instructions below describe installation of the A10-RX in the A-15PIN and attaching the assembled A-15PIN to a Sony professional camcorder.

Supported Sony Cameras

PXW-FX9 (Requires XDCA-FX9 Extension unit for FX9 camcorder)

Supplies Required

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • A10-RX
  • A-15PIN
  • Six M2.5 x 0.45 x 20 mm long panhead Phillips screws (provided)

Step 1

Update the A10-RX firmware to v3.00. The A-15PIN does not support firmware prior to v3.00. Power down the A10-RX and remove all power. 

Step 2

Detach the A-SL or A-XLR from the A10-RX by removing the four 16MM screws from the corners. Store the screws in a safe place for later use. 

Step 3

Slide the A10-RX into the A-15PIN slot so that the A10-RX and A-15PIN screw holes align. The A10-RX should be fully-seated against the A-15PIN top plate.

Step 4

Attach the A10-RX front panel to the A-15PIN using two of the provided screws and a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Step 5

Attach the A10-RX rear panel to the A-15PIN using the remaining four provided screws and a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Step 6

Insert the assembled A10-RX and A-15PIN into the rear mount slot of the Sony professional camcorder. The Sound Devices logo of the A-15PIN faces the rear of the camera. The A-15PIN pegs align with the Sony camcorder’s screw holes. Fully seat the A-15PIN against the camera. 

Step 7

Attach the A-15PIN to the Sony camcorder using the four captive screws and a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Installation Video

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