A-FLIP Installation

The A-FLIP is a SuperSlot adapter that changes the orientation of an A10-RX in an SL-6 or A10-RACK

The instructions below describe installation of the A-FLIP adapter

Before starting please make note of the following:

Supplies Required

  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • The A-FLIP uses the screws already installed in the A-SL
    • Four M2.5×0.45 16mm screws
    • Two M3x0.5 6mm screws

Step 1

Detach the A-SL from the A10-RX by removing the four 16MM screws from the corners. Set the screws aside for reassembly.

Step 2

Detach the A-SL from the back of the A10-RX.

Step 3

Remove the two 6mm screws from either side of the DB-25 connector. Set the screws aside for later use.

Step 4

Slide the connector out of the housing.

Step 5

Insert the A-FLIP into the A-SL housing.

Step 6

Using the two 6mm screws, secure the A-FLIP.

Note that the longer side of the connector is now facing up.

Step 7

Insert the A-SL with A-FLIP back onto the A10-RX

Use the tab to guide the A-SL to the body of the A10-RX.

Step 8

Replace all four corner 16mm screws, securing the A-SL to the A10-RX.

Step 9

The A-FLIP is now successfully installed and ready to use in any A10-RACK or Sound Devices SL-6.

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