What receivers are compatible with the A10-RACK?

Audio Ltd. A10-RX with A-SL
Audio Ltd. En2 CX2-P
Lectrosonics SRa
Lectrosonics SRb
Lectrosonics SRc
Wisycom MCR42

Can I use the Lectrosonics SRc-941 with the A10-RACK? 

The frequency range of the A10-RACK is 470-694 MHz, therefore the antenna distribution features of the A10-RACK are incompatible with the Lectrosonics SRc-941.

Does the A10-RACK output analog or digital audio? 

The A10-RACK XLR outputs are analog or AES digital audio depending on what the receiver is outputting. All receiver audio, whether set to analog or digital, is available on the A10-RACK’s Dante output. 

Can I cascade multiple A10-RACK units? 

If two or more A10-RACKs are cascaded via ‘A/B Out’ loop through, it is recommended that the slots in the first rack with antennas connected are filled up before the slots in the 2nd (or next level) are filled – this is good RF practice and will achieve best performance.

The Dante ports may also be daisy-chained if the A10-RACK is not set up for redundant operation (set to “switched” in Dante Controller).

Can I use active antennas with the A10-RACK? 

You can use active antennas on the A10-RACK. Simply switch the power switch on the front panel to the up position ( PWR+ANT) and this will enable the power to the antenna via the BNC antenna socket.

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