A10-RX Firmware v2.00

Download v2.00

Firmware Version 2.00 – Released July 2018


  • Support for RF scan when used in the 688/SL-6.


  • Screensaver setting is now available when connected to the SL-6.


  • Display issues when the A10-RX was set to Privacy but the A10-TX did not have a privacy key set.
  • A10-TX name containing the character “q” would not be properly displayed.
  • A10-RX screen was not showing the updated frequency when it was changed from the 688 interface.
  • RF LEDs could be flipped if the channel was powered cycled using the System>Power menu.
  • Exiting the System menu items would sometimes access the Config menu.
  • SuperSlot communication performance enhancements.