A10-RX Firmware v2.50

Download v2.50

Firmware Version 2.50 – Released November 2018


  • Support for A10 User Groups: allows for faster and easier setup with user-chosen names and frequency groups. Requires Mic2Wav v2.50 generated ALUG files to be loaded into the receiver: SuperSlot A10 receivers are loaded via an A10-RACK USB interface or via a 688/SL-6 using an SD card; receivers with the XLR output option are loaded via their USB interface.
  • Introducing A10-RX power off shortcuts: To power off RX1, hold the left button, then the middle button for 2 seconds. To power off RX2, hold the right button, then the middle button for 2 seconds. If both RXs are powered down, the A10-RX shuts off.


  • RX Polarity menu displays options as Normal/Inverted rather than On/Off.


  • RF Signal Strength meters now accurately display signal strength.