A10-RX Firmware v5.00

Download v5.00

To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of A20-Mini or A10-TX firmware with the latest version of A10-RX firmware. 


  • New long-range modulation. The state-of-the-art, 100% digital long-range modulation offers the same great audio quality (10 Hz – 20 kHz) as our Standard modulation scheme with a longer range for both line-of-sight and heavy multipath transmission. Both the A10-TX or A20-Mini and the A10-RX Modulation menus must be set to “Long Range” in order to receive RF signals.  
  • New Q-meter displays the difference between the signal from the transmitter and any interference. Use the Q-meter to confidently choose frequencies which will give the best performance and range. 
  • SuperSlot support for setting Modulation and displaying Q-meter.  
  • New Menu>Settings>Display>Options menu to select what is displayed on the fourth line of the main screen. Options are Frequency or TV Ch.  


  • Improved RF Overload measurements. 
  • Improved performance of Green/Red RF Status LEDs. Green and Red LEDs now flash when RF is overloading.   
  • Privacy (Key) icon now appears only when there is a mismatch between the A10-TX and A10-RX Privacy key.  
  • Some display items and menus have been relocated to accommodate new features. The Settings menu has been reordered to Exit, Modulation, User Groups, TV Channel Map, Display, and LEDs. The Display submenu now contains the following menus: Brightness, Screensaver, Orientation, and Options.  


  • LEDs no longer display in the incorrect orientation after powering the A10-RX off from the menu. 
  • Improved the audio quality of the Input Low Cut Filter.