A10-TX Firmware v2.50

Download Firmware v2.50

Firmware Version 2.50 – Released November 2018


  • Support for A10 User Groups: allows for faster and easier setup with user-chosen names and frequency groups. Requires Mic2Wav v2.50 generated ALUG files to be loaded into the transmitter via a microSD card.
  • Menu Lock: press and hold the left and right buttons simultaneously to lock the menu settings. A lock icon will appear in the main display. To unlock the menu, press and hold the left and right buttons again. The power button remains active when the menu is locked.


  • The Brightness, Blue LED, and Orientation settings are consolidated under the Menu>Settings>Display submenu.


  • Parameters shown in previously entered menus are now displayed in the Orientation menu.
  • The A10-TX-US now transmits timecode values to the A10-TX Remote app.
  • Fixes for occasional microSD card corruption.