A10-TX Remote

Download the A10-TX Remote App for Android and/or iOS from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The available iOS and Android app offers wireless remote control of the A10-TX and A10-TX-US transmitter.

Controls and indicators include:

  • Recording start and stop *
  • View timecode value and frame rate (A10-TX only)
  • Transmitter frequency selection
  • RF power level control
  • Input gain control
  • Low frequency cut
  • View summary and access any available A10-TX or A10-TX-US units in Bluetooth range
  • View transmitter battery levels
  • Enter and exit sleep mode

* Record feature available on A10-TX-US transmitter only when connected to line or mic-level sources

Select Android phones and versions require both Bluetooth and Location Services to be on to connect to the A10-TX to the A10-TX Remote app. If you should experience connection issues, please verify that Location Services and Bluetooth are enabled.