A20-Mini TX Pack Clip

Made by: Delve.

This is a lightweight 3D printed Nylon clip for the Sound Devices A20-Mini digital wireless transmitter pack.
It accommodates both the original and BatteryDoubler battery doors.

  • Weighing  just 12 grms/ 0.4 oz, the design follows the sleek, rounded form of the pack and has been created to add minimum bulk.
  • The A20-Mini TX pack  is simply snapped into the clip and  engages with the 4 locating ‘pips’. The four ‘arms’ hold the pack in place and also allow the battery door to be easily accessed.
  • The pack can be accomodated either antenna up or antenna down.
  • Available in black, white or in a range of 7 colours
  • If you decide to buy this clip, at the checkout I would recommend selecting ‘Economy Manufacturing Speed’ and ‘Expedited Shipping’.