A20-Nexus/Nexus Go firmware v1.60

Download Firmware v1.60


  • Group All TX commands for Record, RF Power On/Off, Mute, Format, ID 


  • Updated available country list
  • Faster powering on/off of A20 transmitters 
  • Web App: Prevented dragging a TX to a frequency within 300 KHz of another in the RTSA. 
  • ‘-’ and ‘_’ characters in the transmitter name virtual keyboard are now permitted 


  • Improvements finding clean frequencies when using AutoAssign 
  • Changing from a tuning band to an overlapping tuning band no longer prevents receiver channels from RF locking. 
  • Web App TX List does not scroll when you have more than 8 transmitters in the list 
  • Web App Nexus Overview screen doesn’t show an A10-TX’s record status 
  • Various Web App improvements.