A20-Nexus/Nexus Go v1.54 Firmware

Download v1.54


  • Added a Waterfall display to the Web App RTSA for monitoring the RTSA history. 
  • Added RSSI Peak Hold to Web App RTSA. 
  • Added new RF History option, RSSI + Q, to the Web App and Nexus front panel RX views. 
  • Added ‘The screen is locked’ popup when a screen is touched in ‘Show Mode’. 
  • Added ability in the Web App to click and drag a transmitter/receiver pair to a new frequency in the RTSA. 


  • Changed RSSI ‘B’ antenna metering and RTSA color to white to clearly differentiate it from the blue of antenna A. 
  • Web App RTSA – new button layout to accomodate Waterfall and Peak Hold features. 
  • RSSI meters behavior changed so that they stay active even with no carrier lock. 


  • Improvements to NexLink reconnection after transmitters are powered down or go out of range. 
  • Various RF tuning and diversity enhancements. 
  • Export Trace CSV format modifications for improved compatibility with database programs such as IAS, Wireless Workbench, etc. 
  • Fixed bug in power source selection where PoE warning could pop-up even with DC powering