A20-Nexus v1.30 Firmware

Download v1.30

Important: After installing the firmware, it is essential that A20-Minis are unpaired, then re-paired with the A20-Nexus. 

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of A20-Nexus with the latest version of A20-Mini. 


  • Added Scan capability to the Web App RTSA view. 
  • Ability to define the AutoAssign Start/Stop range within the tuning band. 
  • Added 60 Hz option to the HPF. HPF not available when using the A20-QuickDock 


  • Added RF On/Off toggle to the Set Frequency popup so that the RX channel can be turned off to save power while keeping the last frequency setting. 
  • Added the ability to edit a Nexlinked transmitter’s name when the TX is powered off. 
  • Added ‘Are You Sure?’ popup when unpairing a transmitter from the TX List. 
  • Increased font size of RTSA blue marker frequency/dBm display and yellow frequency min/max labels. 
  • In ALL View (12ch and 16ch only), tapping the 4ch bottom label now selects the associated 4RX View. 
  • It is now possible to set the RF frequency from the 1RX and 4RX views when the channel is sourced from a NexLinked transmitter that is currently not connected. 
  • Scan width is now variable and controlled by the HP knob when set to zoom horizontal mode (yellow zoom icon). 
  • Scan Mode title added to the top of 4th screen in the Scan View. 


  • Improved response of the NexLink signal strength meters. 
  • All RX View now flashes the frequency field red when there is a country conflict. 
  • HP knob press function now works the first time after powering up. 
  • Improvements to Wisycom LFA/BFA smart antenna communication. 
  • The 31st day is now selectable for applicable months in the Date/Time popup. 
  • Various system and web app improvements