A20-Nexus v1.50 Firmware

Download v1.50


  • Support for the A20-TX transmitter 
  • Support for receiving VHF transmission 
  • Added ‘Show Mode’ to the Web App. This is a read-only mode that prevents inadvertent changing of settings. 
  • Added transmitter names to the Web App RTSA. 
  • Support for Privacy mode 
  • Added TX View menu for monitoring and setting TX-only functions, even when transmitters are not assigned to receiver channels. 
  • Added Audio Offset and Gain Range buttons to the 1RX View, which are accessed by pressing the ‘More’ button on OLED2. 


  • Increased maximum number of paired transmitters to 64 
  • Transmitters no longer have to be assigned to a receiver channel to be monitored and controlled over NexLink. 
  • Multiple transmitters can now be assigned to the same receiver channel.  
  • Enhanced TX List menu with transmitter battery level, frequency, NexLink RSSI and TX View.  
  • Edit transmitter names directly from the TX List by tapping the name. 
  • The NexLink RSSI meter is now white for a powered-off transmitter. A powered-on transmitter’s NexLink RSSI meter is still green. 
  • The collapsed 4RX views in the Web App now show audio meter, Q-meter, transmitter name and battery level. 
  • Added audio meter scale markings 
  • Various UI layout changes to the 1RX View and its Gear menu to accommodate new Audio Offset and Gain Range buttons.  
  • Mode button (RF Only, REC only, REC+RF) moved to the new TX View menu. 


  • Audio metering release time improved.