Acclaimed Sound Devices Astral® series of wireless transmitters includes new Test and Measurement (T&M) mode

Up until now, users wishing to measure the frequency and phase response of their loudspeaker systems have had to rely on either cumbersome hardwired microphones, or utilize subpar wireless systems, with undesirable phase and frequency response. Now, with A20-Nexus/A20-Nexus Go v1.63 and A20-Mini/A20-TX v7.64, users can utilize an A20-Nexus or A20-Nexus Go receiver along with A20-TX or A20-Mini transmitters to very accurately measure the phase and frequency response of loudspeaker arrays, with near cable-like response.  

This response, combined with the following features of A20-TX transmitters and A20-Nexus or A20-Nexus Go receivers make the Astral system ideal for demanding situations utilizing high-quality balanced measurement microphones:  

  • Built-in fully-balanced high-performance microphone preamp 
  • Built-in 48V phantom power 
  • GainForward™ architecture: no gain adjustment needed at the transmitter 
  • Full remote-control (including power on/off) of transmitter from the receiver 
  • Global operation, tuning from 169 MHz – 1525 MHz on both the transmitter and the receiver (470 MHz – 1525 MHz for A20-Mini) 
  • Full AutoAssign one-button frequency assignment for all transmitters 
  • Easy-to-use GUI for simple operation 

Learn more about the Sound Devices Astral family of wireless audio gear here

Shown in this diagram is the ruler-flat, measured phase and frequency response of the combined system using Smaart Suite software.