Andrew Chugg

Andrew Chugg, co-founder of Gilded Audio Design in Brooklyn, NY,  produces original programming in collaboration with Spotify, like “3 Girls, 1 Keith” hosted by comedian Amy Schumer. 

“For our podcast recordings through Gilded Audio Design, we use a MixPre-6, and actually we just upgraded to a MixPre-10T, so we can have as many guests as our impulsive hosts want to throw in simultaneously.” 

“I don’t have to worry about clipping at all. Part of my job as a podcast producer is to direct conversation to a degree, make sure everything is captured, and make sure everything makes sense from a listener’s perspective, so I really need to have some hardware that I can depend on so I can focus on the content.” 

“I also like the USB-C interface with the automatic backup to the SD card. I don’t have to run a separate backup, so I can just plug it in, record straight to ProTools like an interface, and the SD will be my immediate backup. I absolutely love that feature. With them (MixPres), we also use four (Electro-Voice) RE20s and a pair of (Shure) SM7s with Cloudlifters.” 

Chugg adds, “We had to get Amy Schumer and her friends on headphones, so we just picked up a pair of HX-3s, headphone distribution amplifiers (by Sound Devices), which I’m excited to use. I love that they are battery-powered, and they’re going to be very straightforward for guests.” 

Portability is another consideration for Chugg. “Oftentimes I’m going into celebrities’ homes or to sensitive places, talking about sensitive issues, so I need to be discreet. I just unload my gear, take one small Pelican case, and I can pull it off that way, so that size is really helpful when I am trying to be as low impact as possible,” he notes. 

“When I was younger, earlier in my career, when I first moved to NY, I was invited to some film sets through acquaintances, and the sound guys always had Sound Devices. So it was sort of the ubiquity of them onset that made me realize this was the standard for high production value on the audio side.” 

Learn more about Andrew Chugg at his website.

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