Astral Receiver Comparison

FeatureA20-NexusA20-Nexus GoA20-RX
Base Channels842
Expandable Channel Count12, 166, 8
100% Digital, True-diversity Wireless
Compatible with A20-Mini, A20-TX Transmitters
Tuning Range169-1525 MHz169 – 1525 MHz470 – 1525 MHz
NexLink Long Range Transmitter Control
Long Range and Standard Modulation
Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA)
AutoAssign frequencies from receiver to transmitters
Privacy Key
Antenna Inputs2×22×22
Cascade Outsvia 8-Series/SL-2
Active and Smart Antenna Supportvia 8-Series/SL-2
SuperSlot (Compatible with SL-2, SL-6)
Dock to 8-Series Mixer/Recordervia SL-2
Web App Control
Dante I/O8-16
AES Output8-164-82  (via A-TA3 adapter)
Line Output8-164-82  (via A-TA3 adapter)
Mic Output8-164-8
Headphone Output
Timecode Input
Wordclock Input
Auto Timecode Sync of Transmitters over NexLink
DC Outputs (for powering peripherals)via 8-Series/SL-2
DC Inputs212 (via A-TA3 adapter)