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Firmware v3.00 now available

Now Available: 688 Firmware v3.00

New firmware update offers several new features including Dugan automixing and RF Scan capability for users of the 688 mixer/recorder.

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Dugan automixing for the 688 at NAB

Dugan Automixing Debuts for the 688 Mixer/Recorder at NAB

The upcoming firmware v3.00 update makes 688 the first field mixer/recorder ever to offer the coveted Dugan automixing.

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RF Scan Feature at NAB 2016 - Booth C6040

Sound Devices Introduces RF Scan for the 688/SL-6 at NAB

RF Scan feature simplifies finding and assigning open frequencies for multiple superSlot-compatible receivers using the 688/SL-6 combo.

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Copy files via 970s

Now Available: Rack-Mount Firmware v2.30

Firmware version 2.30 offers important enhancements to rack-mount audio / video recorders.

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688 + SL-6 + CL-12

Sound Devices Brings Latest in Production Audio to NAB 2016

The 688 mixer/recorder with the SL-6 and CL-12 accessories offers superior power, performance, and versatility.

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CAS Awards 2016

Sound Devices’ SL-6 Wins Prestigious Cinema Audio Society Award

Powering and wireless accessory for the 688 mixer/recorder wins Technical Achievement Award for Production at 52nd Annual CAS Awards.

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