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CL-12 options

Sound Devices Introduces the CL-12 Linear Fader Controller

The new CL-12 is the perfect accessory for the 6-Series of mixers/recorders used in cart-based and fast-paced productions.

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Wave Agent

Update RE: Windows 10

UPDATE: Microsoft has issued a patch in Windows 10 to fix a serious corruption issue with regards to .wav media files written by Sound Devices & Video Devices recorders.

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Now Shipping: Sound Devices’ Highly Anticipated SL-6 Powering & Wireless System

The wait is over! The SuperSlot-compatible SL-6, a groundbreaking accessory that simplifies interconnection between the 688 and wireless receivers, is now shipping.

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Logos and Images

Sound Summit – Chicago

From Las Vegas to Chicago, let’s keep talking about great audio after NAB 2015. DPA Microphones, Lectrosonics, and Sound Devices are hosting Second Sound Summit Event in Chicago May 2015

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PIX-E Series

PIX-E NAB Preview

Sound Devices will preview its Video Devices PIX-E, a new series of camera-mounted recording field monitors at NAB 2015 (Booth C6040)..

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Sound Devices 688 Takes Field Production To The Next Level

New Multi-Channel Mixer, Recorder with MixAssist™ Automatic Mixing and Interconnection Flexibility.

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