Sound Devices and Audio Limited introduce the A10-RACK with Dante

Sound Devices and Audio Limited—the TV/Film industry’s leading audio manufacturer and UK’s premier wireless manufacturer announce the launch of the A10-RACK, the latest member to join the A10 Digital Wireless family.

The A10-RACK is a 1-RU enclosure which accepts slot-in wireless receivers such as the Audio Limited A10-RX or other brand receivers. The A10-RACK features built-in power and antenna distribution plus Dante for up to 4 two-channel slot-in receivers. That is a total of eight channels of Dante, plus AES digital outputs, or analog outputs— all in a single, sleek, 1-RU chassis. The A10-RACK accommodates single-channel Unislot receivers and most two-channel Superslot-compatible receivers, such as Audio Limited’s A10-RX or other models from Lectrosonics and Wisycom utilizing the D-sub 25 pin interface.

With the full Dante audio network integration of the A10-RACK, all eight channels of high-quality audio from the wireless receivers can be transported over a single CAT5 network cable to many destinations without any degradation or extra hardware.

“The vast flexibility of the Dante protocol has been a favored feature since Sound Devices first introduced it in the PIX-260 and the 970 audio recorder, so working with Audio Limited to introduce Dante to the A10 Digital Wireless System via the A10-Rack was the next logical step,” said Matt Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices. “Both Sound Devices and Audio Limited customers have shared their desire for a versatile, cart-based solution. We listened, and I believe the A10-RACK checks off many items on that wish list.”

The A10-RACK also sports RF inputs with 12V powering of active antennas, plus loop-thru connections for another A10-RACK. This provides seamless integration between two connected A10-RACKs with a single pair of antennas – resulting in reduced complexity for 16-channel configurations and additional cost savings.

The A10-RACK will be distributed by Sound Devices in the United States and Audio Limited in the UK. Suggested list price is $1995.00 US. It began shipping on September 27 2018.