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Installing SD-Utility for the A10-RX on a Mac

Download SD-Utility for Mac and the appropriate driver. 2. Go your downloads folder and expand the ZIP files, typically by double clicking. Open the .pkg file for SD-Utility. 3. Follow the instructions on the SD-Utility Installer. 4. Navigate back to the Downloads folder and open “SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg”. Click the Install icon. 5. Click Open. 6. Follow […]

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Why a Quality Meter Will Help You Improve Your Wireless System’s Performance

The antenna signal strength meters, or “Receive Signal Strength Indicators” (RSSI) commonly seen on wireless receivers are not always the most helpful. Sometimes you might have full bars of RSSI but still experience audio dropouts or poor performance. The RSSI is a visual representation of how well the antennas on the receiver are picking up […]

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GainForward Samples

These audio samples were recorded to demonstrate the advantage of using GainForward on the A20-Mini versus traditional gain staging found on other analog and digital wireless systems. All files were recorded from the same takes on an 833 via an A10-RX in an SL-2 using a pair of Shure TwinPlex TL46 lavalier microphones. These are […]

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GainForward Explained

Picture this: you’ve set your transmitter gain, wired up the cast under their complex outfits, and you’re ready to roll. Unfortunately, in the middle of the first take, one character unexpectedly begins to speak very softly. This didn’t happen during rehearsal! Now you need to quickly pause production, and approach the actor to make adjustments […]

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A20-Mini 32-Bit Float Recording

The A20-Mini wireless microphone transmitter is the industry’s first and only transmitter which features built-in 32-bit floating point recording. This is very significant: with 32-bit float recorded files, audio gain decisions can be fully made after recording. This may sound provocative to an experienced sound engineer. Prior to 32-bit float recordings, the recorder’s microphone preamp […]

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What receivers are compatible with the A10-RACK? Audio Ltd. A10-RX with A-SLAudio Ltd. En2 CX2-PLectrosonics SRaLectrosonics SRbLectrosonics SRcWisycom MCR42 Can I use the Lectrosonics SRc-941 with the A10-RACK?  The frequency range of the A10-RACK is 470-694 MHz, therefore the antenna distribution features of the A10-RACK are incompatible with the Lectrosonics SRc-941. Does the A10-RACK output […]

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