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Best Practices for Videoconferencing with a MixPre

Microphones and Input Sources Microphone selection and proper usage are critical to getting quality audio. Without digging into microphone technology and techniques, here are some things to consider when selecting and using microphones for podcasting, conferencing, and live streaming applications.

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Setting up a MixPre for Zoom Conferencing and Webinars

Great quality, clear-sounding audio is essential for effective video conferencing. While the built-in microphones and loudspeakers on computers, tablets, and mobile phones are acceptable for short conversations, professional results require dedicated audio hardware. When audio quality is poor, guests and participants fatigue and your message gets lost. Good video quality doesn’t make up for bad […]

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8-Series as Audio Interfaces for Tablets and Phones

The USB-C port on each 8-Series mixer-recorder can be used for USB audio streaming. Device Type Required for Connection Notes iPhone/iPad (Models with Lightning Port) Non-powered Apple Camera Kit adapter Works as a 2-in/2-out interface. Powered Apple Camera Kit adapter  Works as a 2-in/2-out audio interface and will charge iOS devices if the adapter has […]

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MixPre II Series as Audio Interfaces for Tablets and Phones

The process described below is for connecting a MixPre II to a mobile device. Function and connectivity will vary based on the mobile app. Not all audio or calling apps allow USB audio. We have tested Zoom and Garageband. The following set-ups have been verified with the MixPre II Series, but may also work for […]

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Compatibility with MacOS Big Sur

Sound Devices is currently testing MacOS 11 “Big Sur” for compatibility with Sound Devices hardware and software. Compatibility confirmed: 8-Series USB File TransferUSB Audio Interface Functionality MixPre II Series/MixPre Series USB File TransferUSB Audio Interface Functionality Wave Agent Note: Follow installation instructions for Catalina. As of January 2021, Audinate (Dante) hasn’t updated their software, so […]

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Uninstalling the MixPre ASIO Driver

Sometimes it’s necessary to uninstall an ASIO driver to update to a new driver or to troubleshoot issues. Please follow these steps in sequential order or your ASIO driver will not be successfully deleted. To begin uninstalling the driver, go to the Windows Start button and search Device Manager. Start the application. You will see […]

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