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Installing Wave Agent on Mac OS Catalina

Step 1 Uninstall any previous version of Wave Agent.  Download Wave Agent for macOS here. After downloading, open Finder and locate WaveAgent_Mac_v1.20.Expand the folder as shown below.  Open the file wave-agent-macos-1.20.dmg Opening the file will generate a removable drive icon on the desktop and/or finder. Step 2 Open the removable drive icon. Select and right-click […]

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How does the CL-16 connect to the Scorpio or 888?  The CL-16 connects via a standard USB-B to USB-A cable to the Scorpio or 888. Headphone audio connects via any of the 888 or Scorpio headphone jacks to the CL-16’s ¼” headphone jack. Connectivity of the Scorpio/888 is expanded via the CL-16’s built in 5-port […]

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What is SuperSlot?  SuperSlot™ is an open, electro-mechanical connection specification, developed by Sound Devices, to simplify the interconnection of wireless audio transmitters and receivers with audio mixers and cameras for the entire industry to use. SuperSlot provides power, audio, and control signals over a single multi-pin connection. SuperSlot-compatible products are offered by multiple manufacturers. Read […]

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32-Bit Float USB Audio with the MixPre II Series

Join us for an overview using the MixPre II as a 32-bit float USB audio interface.

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32-Bit Float Applications

USB Audio Streaming (MacOS Catalina) Learn how to set up your MixPre II here. Adobe Audition 2020 Yes, In and Out Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Yes, In and Out Apple FCPX 10.4.8 No Apple Logic Pro X 10.4.8 No Audacity 2.02 No Avid Media Composer 8.6.5 Untested Boom Recorder 8.7.3 Yes, In and Out DaVinci […]

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XL-AES Assembly

To install the XL-AES, do the following: Remove the connector cover on the top of the 8-Series mixer-recorder by prying up gently to break the magnetic connection. If you are installing the XL-AES on a Scorpio, peel and stick the included gasket to the bottom of the XL-AES before mating with the Scorpio. Align the […]

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