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Using a MixPre-6 II with Jamkazam

It’s not always possible to rehearse with other musicians in person. Enter Jamkazam: a website and application that connects musicians for real-time rehearsals online. Like other communications applications, Jamkazam requires a quality, low-latency internet connection. An Ethernet connection ensures the best results. Jamkazam also benefits from a high quality audio interface with enough routing flexibility […]

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Splitting Timecode from a Camera

Ever wanted to send record start/stop triggers or timecode to your MixPre, or timecode to an external monitor, but your camera only has one HDMI output? One word: splitters. HDMI splitters make it possible to send timecode from your DSLR or DSLR-like camera to a MixPre and external recording monitor at the same time. Production […]

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Using Oversized AA Batteries in a MixPre

When using the MX-4AA or MX-8AA battery sleds with your MixPre, it is important to use standard-size AA batteries. There are AA batteries on the market that are larger than standard-size. When these larger batteries are placed in the battery sled, the sled can no longer lie flush against the back of the MixPre.  When this occurs, the […]

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NoiseAssist Simplified

Ever wonder what’s going on behind the scenes when you use your NoiseAssist plugin for 8-Series or MixPre II Series? Let’s take a brief dive into the process of noise suppression. In this series of diagrams, the black sine wave represents the wanted dialog signal, and the orange lines represent the unwanted background noise.¹ Figure […]

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Cleaning Guidelines

Sound Devices receives numerous inquiries about how to safely clean and disinfect products without damage. Below are general cleaning guidelines.

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6 Ways to Reduce Noise While Recording Dialog

Mixing and recording production dialog is a balance of capturing clear, direct speech with just enough indirect, environmental background sound for context. When there is too much background sound, speech can become difficult to understand. The balance between background noise and speech is referred to as the speech-to-noise ratio. Increasing the speech-to-noise ratio is beneficial […]

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