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6-Series Limiters and Indicators

Sound Devices products are typically used for location recording of film, television, and broadcast audio.

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Customizing Your Main Menu on PIX Video & Audio Recorders

Video Tiptorial on how you can customize your main menu on either a PIX video recorder or a 970.

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Calibrate 6-Series Faders/Pans

Video Tiptorial on how to calibrate your faders/pans on the 6-Series.

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Editing Your Headphone Preset List

Video Tiptorial on how to customize your Headphone Preset List on the 6-Series in just a few easy steps.

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Trim Gain Shortcut for the 6-Series

Video Tiptorial that demonstrates a handy trim gain shortcut for our 6-series of mixer/recorders.

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788T, top view, placement of golf tee screws and panel screws to remove for disassembly

788T Time-of-Day Battery Replacement

Detailed instructions on how to replace the Time-of-day battery for the 788T.

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