Maximizing Wireless Range When Using a Production Bag

When working out of a production bag, wireless receivers are generally carried in close proximity to each other and to mixers and recorders. In some cases, multiple receive antennas, generally whips, are directly connected to the receiver. To maximize range when working out of a bag, there are some basic guidelines to consider:

  • Keep any transmit antennas (IFBs, walkie-talkies, cell phones) as far away from the receivers’ antennas as possible. The minimum acceptable distance is 8 inches. Even if the transmitters are on vastly different frequencies from the receivers, the receivers’ front ends can still become desensitised. 
  • Mount receivers in the bag so that the base of the antenna connector is above the level of the dividers in the bag, away from the body. The goal is to have the receiver antennas be in line-of-sight with any transmitting antennas. This is particularly important when using ¼ wave antennas mounted directly to the receiver. 
  • When using the A10-RX, we recommend the use of one straight and one right-angled antenna on each of the receiver’s antenna ports. Make sure the receiver’s antennas are perpendicular to the A10-TX. 
  • Mount ¼ wave whip antennas directly to the receiver, not remotely, since a ¼ wave antenna requires a ground plane. The shell of the antenna connector needs to make a solid electrical connection to the receiver’s chassis in order to function correctly.
  • When practical, a slot receiver chassis, such as the A10-RACK with built-in RF distribution, or a portable antenna distribution, such as the SL-2, can improve performance by allowing multiple receivers to be connected to a single or pair of remote-mounted antennas. 
SL-6 receiver chassis mounted to a Scorpio

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