CL-1 Pin Configuration

The CL-1 Remote Control and Keyboard Interface for 7-Series recorders is commonly used to interface PS/2 compliant keyboards for external control. The unit has six programmable electrical contacts used to automate menu items or control the record, play, and stop functions.

A switch connected between the assigned pin (1-6) and ground (pin-7) will form a circuit. Closing the circuit will activate the programmed action.

Logic pins on the CL-1 are set individually as either a switch-closure input or a switch closure output. The inputs and outputs are “logic low” devices, meaning that to turn “on” an input, it must be connected to ground (zero volts). Likewise, when an output is “on”, it puts out 0 volts and when it is “off”, it puts out +5 volts.

Logic Inputs

Configured as a switch-closure input, a pin can be connected to a switch that a user has wired to assigned contact. This switch can then trigger the recorder to begin recording. Other functions can be assigned as well from the Setup Menu. The switch-closure on a given pin of the CL-1 can be thought of as just another key on the keyboard. Anything that can be assigned to a key can also be assigned to a switch.

To configure a pin as an input, navigate to Ext Keyboard Assign in the Setup Menu. Select a new Shortcut number, then locate the Login inputs amongst the assignable keys. Choosing Logic In 1 would correspond to pin 1 on the CL-1, Logic In 2 would correspond to pin 2 on the CL-1, and so on. After a Logic input is chosen assign the desired action that the Logic input will control.

Logic Outputs

Configured as a switch-closure output, the CL-1 can drive LEDs, relays, or any other sort of device which will accept a TTL-level or similar input. For example, the CL-1 can drive a big red LED connected via a series resistor between the +5V output and a switch-closure output and light up whenever the recorder is put into record mode.

To configure a pin as an output, go to CL-1: Logic Out Assign in the Setup Menu. The Logic Pin number is on the left hand side (“00”, “01”, etc). Each of these pins can be assigned to undefined, Stop, Play, Record, or Pause. Note that if a pin is assigned to be both an input (via the Ext Keyboard Assign Setup Menu) and an output (via the CL-1: Logic Out Assign Setup Menu), the pin will automatically default to an output. Complete details of the CL-1 programing and control are available in the 7-Series User Guides.