CL-12/CL-9 Linear Faders

Customers have asked us about the possibility of outfitting our CL-9 and CL-12 units with linear faders that are immune to dust, sand, liquid and other foreign substances.

The CL-9 (left) is the linear fader controller for the 788T; the CL-12 (right) works with any 6-Series mixer/recorder.

We would love to offer just such a fader option. Unfortunately, no such part exists.

While some faders are designed to be more resistant to contamination, there are none that are intended or can be made to be immune to foreign substance contamination. Dust, sand, liquid and any other substance will negatively impact the smooth “feel”, performance and longevity of any linear fader.

We use ALPS and Penny and Giles brand faders in our products. Both are widely regarded as two of the finest brands to come from manufacturers of linear fader products. Due to the fine tolerances required to make the fader feel and operate correctly, it’s impossible for faders to be tolerant of contamination while operating within their intended specifications.

We encourage users to use discretion when deciding what environments are suitable for operation of the CL-9 and CL-12. Should the faders in your unit get contaminated, Sound Devices can service the unit and clean and/or replace any faders that fall out of specifications. Unfortunately, we cannot perform fader cleaning or replacement due to contamination under warranty since fader contamination is a condition that is clearly out of our control. Please contact Sound Devices support for more information about servicing.

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