Cleaning Guidelines

Sound Devices receives numerous inquiries about how to safely clean and disinfect products without damage. Below are general cleaning guidelines.

 Sound Devices presents these recommendations as best practice suggestions. No warranty or claim regarding their effectiveness against COVID-19 or any other virus or bacteria is stated or implied.

  1. Remove batteries and disconnect power cords before cleaning.
  2. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning equipment. Discard the gloves after use. 
  3. Apply a 70% alcohol solution to a disposable, single-use lint-free cloth or cotton swab. Wipe all surfaces of the product and avoid spraying any liquid solution directly on the product. Pre-packaged alcohol wipes are more convenient, with no worry of accidentally spraying or dripping solution into the equipment. Bleach solution is not recommended since it is corrosive to bare aluminum. Bleach-free disinfecting wipes and sprays are generally safe for electronics.
  4. Clean in an open area with good ventilation.

Sound Devices does not recommend any specific brand of disinfecting solution or wipes.

Cleaning for specific equipment

Cables/connectors/antennas: Wipe down with the solution and a clean lint-free, disposable cloth or disinfectant wipe as needed.

Mixers, Wireless Transmitters and Wireless Receivers: Wipe down with the 70% alcohol and a clean lint-free cloth. Carefully clean the terminals and switch areas with a cotton swab lightly moistened with 70% alcohol. Take care not to drip liquid into any of the openings.

Carry bags: Lightly spray with alcohol and allow to thoroughly dry.