Cover of Sound On Sound Mag!

Sound Devices’ new MixPre-10M for musicians is gracing the cover of the July 2018 issue of the world’s most popular music technology magazine, Sound on Sound.

Below is an exerpt from the SOSfeature MixPre-10M review. Magazine subscribers can read the full web review, otherwise print issues go on sale June 29th!

“Compact, portable, capable of overdubbing, and packed with preamps — could this be the multitracker we’ve all been waiting for?

The American specialist manufacturers of location sound recording equipment, Sound Devices, have made a couple of appearances in SOS recently — first in November 2017, when I reviewed the diminutive MixPre‑3 and MixPre‑6 location recorders/mixers, and then with the announcement and preview of the groundbreaking MixPre‑10M in March 2018 — and at last we’ve had our hands on one long enough to give it a thorough workout!”