DVD+R and -R with the XL-DVDRAM

Sound Devices accessory XL-DVDRAM multi-drive attaches directly to 7-Series recorders. When connected to the 7-Series, only DVD-RAM media is supported.

The XL-DVDRAM cannot be used to record directly to DVD-R, DVD+R, or CD-R medium from the 7-Series. The 7-Series use the FAT32 format which is used for storage volumes such as Compact Flash, Hard Drives, and DVD-RAM. Think of DVD-RAM discs as optical hard drives that look like DVDs or CDs.

When looking for DVD-RAM media make sure that it is at least 3X. Sound Devices recommends using 5X media for best performance.

The 7-Series recorders do not currently support the UDF format (DVD-R, DVD +R, CD-R, CD +R). Those mediums are only accessible when using the XL-DVDRAM connected to a PC or Mac OS computer.