Editing Metadata on Multiple 7-Series Recorders

Q: I have a couple questions about the CL-1:

  1. Can I use ONE keyboard to enter metadata on multiple 7-Series even if it needs to be entered physically twice?
  2. Can the CL-1 be used to control transport of both machines? I am assuming this is possible...


  1. To edit any metadata for files on a specific unit, the CL-1 and keyboard would need to be connected directly to each unit individually via the C-link port.
  2. The CL-1 can roll (control) multiple units at once with sample-accurate start and stop times by being connected to the master unit in a chain of linked 7-Series recorders.

Note that when editing file names when running revision 2.34 firmware and lower, the file metadata in the bwf header remains unchanged.