External Time Code Auto-Record Modes

The 7-Series recorders include two "auto record" time code modes. When the units are in either of these modes, recording starts and stops automatically based on whether time code from an external source is running. This mode is helpful in rec-run video environments to chase a video camera.

ExtTC - Auto Record

In this mode, the 7-series recorder is meant to be hard-wired to a camera or other master time code device. When the received time code signal begins running, the unit enters record. When it stops, the recorder stops recording.

ExtTC/Cont - Auto Record

The continuous version of auto-record the 7-series recorder will keep recording if even in absence of time code. This mode was developed for environments where the 7-series recorder is tied to a master time code device through a wireless link. When recording is initiated and the wireless link takes an RF hit (or fails completely), the recorder will keep recording until the operator manually stops recording, or until time code communication is re-established and the master device stops incrementing time code.