FireWire Hot-Plugging Precaution

Sound Devices strongly recommends shutting down equipment before connecting to or from any FireWire device with a connection that carries power (6-pin). Reports have come to our attention of isolated problems when hot-plugging IEEE 1394 (FireWire) devices. (Hot-plugging refers to making the connections when one or more of the devices—including the computer—is on.)

When hot-plugging, there are rare occurrences where either the FireWire device or the FireWire port on the host computer is rendered permanently inoperable. While Sound Devices products adhere to the FireWire specification and pass our rigorous internal tests, the possibility exists that hot-plugging a recorder with computers with 6-pin FireWire may result in hardware failure.


The physical design of the 6-pin FireWire plug can cause problems if the connector is inserted on an angle. A short could develop, resulting in a damage to the FireWire connection. From our experience, any FireWire connection which carries power is susceptible to this type of damage.

Connect your FireWire device while both the computer and FireWire device are powered off. Power on the FireWire device, then turn the computer on last. If you are using bus power (systems with IEEE1394 6-pin connectors) make sure you make the cable connection first, then turn the FireWire device power switch on, and turn the computer system on last.

If you suspect damage of the FireWire port on your Sound Devices product, please contact Suport.