Hard Drive Upgrades for 722, 744T, and 788T Recorders

Sound Devices 722, 744T, 788T, and 788T-SSD include internal, 2.5-inch drive mechanisms. These are industry-standard storage mechanisms that can be user-replaced.

Sound Devices does not offer hard drives or SSD drives for direct sale. Sound Devices does, however, offer a factory upgrade for the 788T from the internal 160 GB hard drive to the 256 GB SSD drive offered in the 788T-SSD. The upgrade is only offered as factory service. Please contact Sound Devices Technical Support for a quotation on the 788T upgrade to SSD. There is presently no factory upgrade available for the 722 or 744T.

Hard drives and SSD drives are available in a wide range of capacities are available from numerous computer merchants. Sound Devices Service Repair department can install a customer-provided drive for a servicing fee. Again, please contact us for an estimate.

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