High Capacity Hard Drives with the 7-Series

Q: Is there anything to watch out for when using high capacity (60, 80, 100 GB) hard drives?

A: Storage capacity isn't as much of an issue as is drive current draw. For instance, 7200 rpm drives draw more current and generate more heat than 5400 and 4200 rpm mechanisms. Higher speed drives will have less runtime than lower speed drives. In general, the heat generated from the drive will be in the same range regardless of its size and capacity. The 7-Series can address volumes as large as 2 TB, so we will be able to accept future large capacity drive mechanisms as they become available.

Note that with firmware revision 2.34 and earlier, the 722 and 744T can only address a maximum of 134 GB on an internal hard drive. Firmware version 2.40 and later can address up to 2 TB of storage.