HX3: Made in Reedsburg Wisconsin since 2000

“The HX-3 was born out of people telling us they loved the headphone amp in the MixPre. This was for good reason, as that headphone amp features 30V of signal swing — all off of a couple of AA batteries. It is one of the many products that we make that I say are ‘sophisticated power supplies with a nice audio circuit hanging off of it.’ After shipping for a few years, this product was ripped off lock, stock, and barrel by an unscrupulous company in Taiwan, which upset me. They even copied my exact PC board layout. I’ve been asked many times: ‘Don’t your product and that other one come off of the same assembly line somewhere in Asia?’ The answer is *no*, we only make this product for Sound Devices – in Reedsburg, WI, USA, where we’re still making and selling it all these years later.”