Ichsan Rachmaditta

After graduating from the Jakarta Art Institute, Ichsan Rachmaditta has worked steadily on local and international films and television series. His credits include the Netflix thriller The Night Comes for UsThe Raid 2212 Warrior, and Headshot, for which he earned the Indonesian Film Festival award for “Best Sound.” 

“I have used Sound Devices for a long time now. I started with the the 744T with 552 or 442 mixers, the 788T, and then the 633. The Night Comes for Us was the first time I used the 688 with the SL-6 and a full slot set with a Wisycom wireless system.” 

“The capability to record a lot of ISO tracks was fundamental for this movie. The flexibility to use as many tracks as I want too is a plus, not to mention Dugan AutoMix which I like it a lot. It helps me a bit in the master tracks, while I can still records the clean ISOs separately.” 

“The SL-6 powering system is really helpful and it can last a very long time. For a whole day of shooting I used one NP-1 battery and one V – mount battery and that’s more than enough. Combine this with Wisycom wireless system and a DPA lav’s, and the result is a nice clean dialog recording in a heavy set in terms of sound.” 

“Recording good sound in action movies is quite challenging. So many people are talking and fighting at the same time! All the noises are there, like the fan noise, smoke machine, rain machine, set noise, etc. The dialogue can be very low and suddenly rise up to be very loud. The key is good communication with other departments to shut down any machine and make less noise whenever possible. I’ll capture the dialog as clean as I can, and record all the bits of ambience that can be used in Post later on. I’ll capture any sound made on set so Post can use it later on, added together with ambience, foley, and ADR, to make it feel more real.” 

“Indonesian movies are getting better and better! A lot of genres, and a lot of challenging movies are being made. Action, fighting movies, and horror movies will be trends for a few years to come or maybe more. The technology is there, we can make whatever the story needs, given the opportunity to make one.” 

The Night Comes For Us is currently on Netflix.

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